To Save Time Is To Save Money – Drones Make Money

To Save Time Is To Save Money – Drones Make Money


To save time is to save money. At Buy A Drone Online, we will help you understand how industries save time and money with a drone.

The growing use of Drones unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) over the years are now more popular than ever. They are no longer known as toys or just known for being used as hobbies.

It is proven drones are helping many industries where companies use them to collect valuable data. Lead times change from weeks to days, and costs are made smaller by hundreds of thousands per week.

to save time is to save money

When organisations are under pressure to be more efficient and innovative in delivering services, drones gather data quickly and accurately. Organisations need this to improve and grow. Companies can make a crucial difference in managing costs, controlling risks, increasing safety and influencing outcomes.

Please note, if buying or renting a drone is for recreational purposes or commercial, relevant certification or training is needed to operate it. Find out more here … Or, you can hire a drone operator who can get the job done for you. Find out more here…

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Drone?

Before diving into the different industries already using drones and saving time and money, we will quickly summarise their key benefits.

Cost-Effective: Companies save money when using a drone to carry out inspections and surveys instead of using traditional methods.

Improved Access: They can gain access to hard to reach areas.

Safer: Businesses send drones into dangerous or hazardous areas cutting out substantial risk factors for people.

Time Efficient – Lead times are cut down drastically from weeks to days

High-Quality Images and Data – Lastly, they are excellent for taking high-quality aerial photographs and video, collecting vast amounts of imaging data.

What Industries Are Using Drones?


Top Industries Using Drones And How They Are Used


The data collected can help farmers keep a close eye on their herds, keeping animals safe, and helping spotting diseases on the crops. Drones used in agriculture help with crop maintenance by spraying pesticides only on the areas that they can see need it.


Drones offer site mapping, planning and surveys, making it quicker and more accessible, and are a lot less costly than traditional ways. You can expect to get data in a matter of hours instead of days. This data used is to improve current projects, plan for new ones, improve operations, and lastly, have an overhead view of materials, machinery and people.


The good factor drones have a low noise footprint that does not scare animals. They are used to monitor wildlife covering larger areas than expected. They enable quick and efficient monitoring of nature, keeping them protected and monitoring their activity. They provide GPS location and visual information to aid in wildlife inspection.

Data Collection

Information collected by drones can be precious to the data industry. The data used is to help finance, science, healthcare, IT, and even the games industry. Data science uses data to solve problems and help organisations make decisions.


Amazon is in the process of implementing drone delivery for small orders. The delivery service will be called Prime Air, and you will get items delivered in under 30 minutes. It is an excellent alternative to using vehicles that emit pollution. It is cheaper labour and quicker service. Drone delivery will be an enormous delivery method soon, with other delivery services possibly using it. Maybe this is something you could benefit from too?


Photographs, videos and thermal data used are to gather valuable information. This information is used for insurance claims, enabling making a claim a lot easier and keeping premium costs down.


Drones are used in mines to get to hard to reach or dangerous areas to collect data. The data collected can quickly be turned into a 3D site map that can be used for any future planning and keeping track of inventory. The data can also determine if the mine is complying with working health and safety conditions.

Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industries use drones to collect data they need instead of risking sending people into dangerous areas. The sector has more frequent access as and when they need it. The use of drones to carry out tasks lowers costs and labour significantly.


The media, events, filmmakers, and many more make great use of drones. They are a great way to film and take pictures with detail you wouldn’t be able to get due to limitations of height, access and money. They reach heights and areas at a cost-effective price with a great image.

Power Plants

Chemical or power plants need to have scheduled inspections for safety, which uses up money and takes a lot of preparation. Costs and time frames become smaller, and security is improved. Power plants can carry out more inspections now using drones in hard to reach areas.

Public Safety

Public safety departments have adopted the use of drones over the years. They can use the data to analyse situations and behaviours. The thermal and visual sensors can help with fire rescues and missing people cases.


Drones are a massive help in security by monitoring stadiums, festivals, concerts, occasions and many more. The data they collect is helpful if, on occasion, something went wrong.


Geologists and surveyors benefit from using drones as an aerial method of inspection. They capture data in compromised or dangerous areas with minimal risk. High-resolution orthomosaics and 3D models generated in areas with low quality or no data available.

These are just some of the top industries using drones. Still, as technology develops, people find more valuable and exciting ways to use them. We are in a day and age where data is used everywhere for everything. It only makes sense to invest in something that will provide you with information quickly and efficiently to get the job done or improve it.

Last Thoughts

To conclude, all of these industries have found ways to use the data that drones collect to better them. The information is used to help plan future projects, improve current procedures, deliver a service, make work-life safer, and drastically save time and money.

By now, you might be asking yourself the same question, “Can a drone save me time and money?”

If you think the answer is yes, we recommend talking to someone specialising in the industry. The experts will point you in the right direction of what drone would benefit you or your business best.

Speak to the industries leading experts.

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