Job Opportunities For Drone Pilots – Big Money

Job Opportunities For Drone Pilots – Big Money


Job opportunities for drone pilots are in high demand due to the drone industry boom. People tend to think of drones as toys or being used for hobbies and not realising their true potential and benefits to people, businesses and society.

The growth of the drone services industry is projected to grow to £45.5 billion by 2025. That’s a lot of growth and opportunity for jobs.

What Is A Drone Pilot?

A drone pilot must operate a drone from the ground or their house with a remote controller or app as the drone fly’s high and far.

Drones are flown for two purposes. The first is for recreational purposes or a hobby, and the second is a commercial pilot that will fly a drone as a service for a business in return for money. Commercial drones can be flown in many industries and have proven to help save companies money and time, improve procedures, plan projects and much more.

Industries Using Drones

  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Delivery Services (Amazon)
  • Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals
  • Insurance
  • Media
  • Photography/Videography
  • Mining
  • Military
  • Police

To fly a drone, whether it’s for recreational or business purposes, you must have the relevant training and knowledge to do so. It is illegal to fly a drone without the correct training and licences. Please make sure you know the rules and regulations when travelling and using your drone, as they can vary from country to country.

Who Would Hire A Drone Pilot?

The incredible growth and demand for drone services have been known to help people and companies accomplish projects and tasks in a more timely and cost-effective way. There is a vast range of services a drone pilot can offer to people and companies.

Some examples of who would hire a drone pilot are listed below:

  • Delivery Companies
  • Event Planner
  • Surveyor
  • Project Manager
  • Site Manager
  • Media Company
  • Groundworker
  • Sewer Maintenance
  • Emergency Response/Rescue
  • Farmer
  • Companies carrying out planned inspections
  • Insurance Claim Provider

These are just some people/companies who would want to hire a drone pilot for their services. The growth of drone use within industries continues to grow to leave even more room for growth, new ideas and more jobs.

Why Consider Being A Drone Pilot?

  • They are in high demand
  • Freelance drone pilots can charge what they want for their services
  • Take your job to the next level with the data you collect
  • They can be used in a wide range of industries
  • Great starting salary
  • Can start as a beginner and work your way up with training
  • Work from home opportunities
  • More eco-friendly if being used for drone delivery
  • Can start your own drone business one day

The use of drones around the world and within industries is booming whether people know it or not. They are a popular and cheaper way for freelancers and companies to gather valuable data that can be used to help them adapt and grow. In a data-driven world, drones are becoming essential for businesses and workers.

Why Do Companies Hire Drone Pilots?

Companies are hiring drone pilots either on a permanent or temporary basis, depending on how often they need the drone data. The data drones collect is extremely valuable to companies as they provide accurate, current and future data for businesses that sometimes a person cannot capture.

Drone training and costs are pretty time-consuming and costly, resulting in companies hiring a drone pilot for their services instead. This being one of the reasons why drone pilots are in such high demand.

It’s worthwhile speaking to a drone expert to see if your business or the job you do every day would benefit from you using a drone. This could result in you wanting to become a drone pilot or just needing their services by renting a drone or pilot.

Job Opportunities For Drone Pilots

Drone pilots are being used in almost all industries due to the amazing impact of drone data. Because of this, it has opened up vast opportunities for drone pilots to offer their services to help the industries.

Examples of jobs that use drones:

  • 3D Modelling or Mapper
  • Agriculture Surveyor
  • Building Surveyor
  • Insurance Investigator
  • Digital Content Creator
  • Drone Delivery Pilot
  • Drone Instructor
  • Land Surveyor
  • Mine Inspector
  • Pest Control
  • Photographer/Videographer
  • Powerline and Pipeline Inspector
  • Project Planner
  • Property Inspector
  • Roof Inspector
  • Search and Rescue Team Member
  • Security and Surveillance Officers

These are just some jobs you could apply for that utilise drone data. If you already have a job in one of the above, becoming a drone pilot and using its data will take your accuracy, planning, time and cost savings for you or the company you are working for to the next level.

For example, you are a land surveyor. You have already been doing your role and offering your services for 10 years. If you were to incorporate a drone to carry out the tasks and collect the data needed for your clients, you could charge more for your services. This is due to the faster turnaround of the data collected and its improved accuracy and planning whilst carrying out your work. 

Apply For Drone Pilot Jobs

Company ContactMore Info
DroneBaseSign Up For WorkClient missions for professional drone pilots. Get paid to fly!
Prime Air Apply For JobsBecome a drone pilot for Amazon
BarkSign Up For WorkSign up and offer your services to your local community
FiverrSign Up For WorkSign up. Provide your services. Get paid!
TeamUAVApply For JobsJoin a small and dynamic team to work alongside
Droners.ioSign Up For WorkJoin the world’s largest network of commercial drone pilots

How Much Does A Drone Pilot Make?

Now on to the interesting question how much does a drone pilot make? Like all jobs, you start as a beginner in anything new, and the more you learn and qualify for, the more you get paid. The same goes for drone pilots.

Flying drones on a part-time basis can earn you £350 – £500 a week. If flying full time, you can make 6 figures a year! Or, if flying drones for the big-name companies, you can see yourself taking home £2,500 a day.

Pay can depend on your experience and what categories you are qualified to fly in. Find out more about drone categories and the types of flying this allows you to carry out.

How Do I Become A Drone Pilot?

Becoming a drone pilot doesn’t happen overnight. You need training, practice and money. This is why people or companies hire a drone pilot a lot of the time, as it is an easier and quicker way to get the information they need, especially if they don’t need it all of the time.

It is a great idea for someone who already has a company or job in an industry that utilises and benefits from drone data (which is practically most). It can help you excel in your current role, provide better pay or offer up more opportunities further down the line.

The first steps to becoming a drone pilot are:

  • Find out the basic requirements to fly your drone
  • Take a test to get your flyer ID.
  • Then register for your operator ID.
  • Get drone insurance

Register For Your Flyer ID And Operator ID Here

Flying a drone falls into three categories that require training that needs to be completed:

  • Open Category A1/A2/A3 – Low Risk
  • Specific Category – Mid Risk
  • Certified Category – High Risk

Depending on the weight and model of your drone, and the type of jobs you will be carrying out, this will determine what category your drone falls into and what training you will need.

Find out more about drone categories here. 

Once you have taken these first steps, you can then start looking at drone training courses. There are many drone training companies you can do your training with to become a drone pilot.

Best Drone Training Courses

Company ContactMore Info
ABJ Drone AcademyCoursesOnline drone training courses
for individuals, enterprises, public safety departments and institutions.
Airborne TrainingCoursesBecome a qualified drone pilot with Airborne
CoptrzCoursesThe UK’s leading drone training provider is ready to start you on your journey today.
Fly By Drone TrainingCoursesFlyby offers the best drone training, with over 40 years of experience training pilots and an elite team of instructors with impressive credentials.
Drones DirectCoursesCAA accredited commercial drone training. Drone training to secure CAA PfCO for your business.

Drone Insurance

Hobby drone pilots do not need insurance; however, commercial drone pilots do.

If you need to make sure you have the correct insurance in place to keep you covered, if a claim was to occur in the unfortunate occasional event of crashing your drone into someone’s property or hurting a member of the public.

CompanyContact More Info
CoverdronePurchase Drone InsuranceCoverdrone is a comprehensive aviation insurance product for the commercial and recreational drone industry.
Fly CoveredPurchase Drone InsurancePay As You Fly and Annual Insurance for Commercial Drone Operators.
Drone Cover ClubPurchase Drone InsuranceDrone Cover Club, an association for Drone & Model Aircraft enthusiasts, is proud to promote safe flying of quadcopters, drones and model aircraft. We offer Members a great range of benefits, including cost-effective insurances for recreational and hobby pilots.
GoComparePurchase Drone InsuranceWant a bird’s-eye view of drone insurance? Then we’ve got just the guide for you.
EversurePurchase Drone InsuranceTheir drone policies are designed to keep you in the air and out of the trees. Whether you’re an occasional, casual flyer or a hardened professional pilot, you’ll be able to find excellent protection.

Key Takeaway

Anyone can become a drone pilot at any point with the relevant training needed, and if it is going to make you more money or excel in what you are already doing, why not go for it!

There are endless job opportunities for you that will grow a great portfolio of clients. Whether this is a part-time basis or you decide to go full time, it can generate great money.

Speak to an expert today about suitable courses for you.

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